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CDA Launches Sanad Relay Centre Smart App

CDA Launches Sanad Relay Centre Smart App

The Community Development Authority of Dubai (CDA) has launched Sanad Relay Center App, a smart application specialized to enhance the empowerment and cohesion of people with disabilities (PWD) by providing them with a comprehensive platform where they can receive consultation services, information and support. 

In a press conference, CDA said that the new app, developed on iOS and Android, will provide people with hearing impairment the ability to communicate through video calls and chat with sign language specialists and get their support when facing any challenge. PWD, their families and everyone else can also benefit from the relay center services, the only government center in the UAE specialized in providing sign language services. 

His Excellency Khaled Al Kamda, Director General of CDA said that finding the encouraging and supportive environment for PWD is one of CDA’s strategic objectives. “In line with His Highness Shiekh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum’s vision to move all Dubai services to be smart, and in order to make services available for people anytime, we have launched the smart version of the Sanad relay center”, said Al Kamda.

“The new app provides a comprehensive platform where PWD can get information about disabilities service providers, and how and where to get the services. They can also ask for counseling regarding symptoms one of their relatives has and might lead to an early detection of potential disability. People with hearing impairment (PWHI), will have a wider window to receive support from experts in disabilities and sign language”.

“In just a few seconds, PWHI can communicate with Sanad relay center team and get their support either through the chat or the video calls, giving them the feeling that they will always have the support when needed, and it will make them more confident to go out and engage in social activities”.

“The Sanad relay center team consists of authorized sign language experts, and we are looking now to attract experts experienced in foreign sign language to cover the majority of the PWHI in the country”. Al Kamad concluded by saying that Sanad relay center is one of CDA’s projects launched under the vision of the “My Community” initiative, aiming to convert Dubai to a disabled-friendly city by 2020. It is now open to the entire UAE and region to benefit from its services in dealing with PWHI.

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