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"My Community... A City for Everyone" was launched in November 2013 to unite governmental and non-governmental efforts towards the protection, care and inclusion of people of determination in the community. "My Community... A City for Everyone" operates in line with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021, which identifies tolerance, inclusion and common civic values as core pillars of an inclusive and cohesive society.
"My Community... A City for Everyone" aims at implementing policies and best practices that empower people of determination to make choices in an environment that is inclusive, ensuring access to opportunities on an equal basis with others.
The UAE implemented the UAE Disability Act (Federal Law No. 29/2006) to protect the rights of people with disabilities in November 2006 and ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of people of determination on March 19, 2010.
The Government of Dubai launched Law No. (2) of 2014 to protect the rights of people with disabilities in the Emirate of Dubai in March 2014.
Since the launch of "My Community... A City for Everyone" in 2013, The Executive Council developed a thorough strategy composed of several phases, which started with a comprehensive evaluation of the current status and existing services available to people of determination, followed by subsequent phases related to the formulation and development of policies aimed at empowering them in the society through the provisioning of adequate services and the creation of a favorable environment for inclusive development.
Everyone is involved. In accordance, to achieve the set targets, the community of Dubai is a key partner in this program along with supporting counterparts. With collective and continuous efforts of the Dubai community as well as upcoming initiatives, Dubai strives to become a disability-friendly city.